Healthish Water Bottle Two-Tone- Turquoise & Fuchsia

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 Volume Capacity: 1 Liter/ 1000 ML

 Reminder to Hydrate: Convenient Time Markers remind you to drink your recommended water intake throughout the day. Just Refill at lunchtime, congratulations by evening already 2 liters down. The ultimate aesthetic water bottle with times to drink.

 Motivational Messages: Engraved Mayim inspirational message to encourage you to continue the healthy habit of drinking water.

 Light Weight & Portable: Take it with you everywhere you go! Perfect for fitness, outdoors, yoga, meditation, the gym, hiking, music festivals or the office. With our beautifully designed colors & gold stainless steel lid, this makes the absolute perfect gift for women or men.

 BPA Free, Non-Toxic: Our hourly water bottle is made from 100% BPA free, food grade safe, non-toxic PETG Plastic. Healthy for your body, Healthy for the Environment. Reusable drink bottles save polluting the earth with thousands of toxic plastic water bottles. One reusable bottle can save 1000 toxic bottles, and every small step helps.

 Leak Proof: Carry this 1-liter water bottle with confidence in any bag or purse and won't get your belongings wet. The stainless-steel cap ensures the leak-proof functionality of this clear water bottle tracker.

 Fashion Trendy Colors: Custom made colors to fit any mood or occasion

 Hand Wash Only