Lantern Motivational 2-in-1 Lid - Light Pink

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Trendy Water Bottle: With 32 oz. of liquid capacity, It’s the ultimate bottle to measure your daily intake of water, reminding you to stay hydrated, and to make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. All options come with an ombre two-tone custom colors design and finish. 

Motivational Water Bottle: Motivational quotes to encourage you to drink more water throughout the day! Use this water jug as your inspiration to achieve your goal of how much water you should drink each day. 

Time Marker Reminder: It’s way more beneficial to your health when you drink water sporadically throughout the day. We take out the guess work; the time marker reminders shows you the suggested amount of water you should be consume every few hours, across the duration or your busy day. 

Volume Measurements Marker: Starting at 32 fluid ounces, this bottle features all the liquid volume measurements on the back side of the bottle. The transparent design makes it easily visible to see inside and track how much liquid you consumed that day.

Removable Straw: Comes with a removable straw, that is long to reach the bottom, for easy sipping. Enjoy spill-proof sipping or fast water flow with the removable straw. 

 Dust Cap Over Lid: The dust cap lid keeps it air-sealed, leak proof and dust proof, so no water spills out & no dirt comes in. Keeping the mouthpiece sanitary. Open with just one click of a button and closes securely. 

 Easy Carry Handle: Comes with a built-in carry handle, to easily carry around with you, as you’re on the go. Perfect for sports and gym lovers; it's the go-to water bottle for any sporting activity, gym work outs, camping, adventures, yoga retreats, and more. 

• BPA Free: Made with eco-friendly reusable polystyrene materials that is food-grade safe, BPA & toxin free. Odor free and healthy for your daily coffee drinking, so that it won’t influence the taste or impact your health.

• Lightweight: The material is lightweight, yet durable to use (which is why many people prefer plastic bottles over stainless steel). Designed to go with you on all your daily adventures. Throw it in your bag and be worry free from any water leaking out.