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 Neoprene Sleeve

 Large Capacity: This large 2.2L/ 74oz/ more than half a gallon hydro jug holds all the water you need to stay hydrated while exercising, playing sports, or any outdoor adventure. It’s the perfect large capacity reusable plastic water bottle to meet your daily water intake, without the need to refill it often.

 Premium Collection: This heavy duty & exceptionally durable sports water bottle jug is part of our premium collection. Made from the highest quality reusable plastic (bottle) & neoprene (sleeve) you can find. It’s constructed with 50% more plastic than the standard plastic water bottle. Shatterproof & built to last through countless usage.

 Insulated Sleeve: The Mayim “Neoprene Capsule” comes with a removable insulated neoprene sleeve for fortified durability and insulation. Keep the sleeve on to keep your beverage cool and to maintain the perfect water temperature. Sweat free, so you don’t have to worry about condensation.

 Flip Straw: The reusable half gallon jug comes with a leak-proof & dust-proof covered straw lid, which helps protect the mouthpiece and flips open with a click of a button. The straw-lid is air-sealed.

 Dust Cap: The flip-top lid helps protect the mouthpiece and can easily open with just one click of a button, The dust cap keeps it air-sealed, leak proof and dust proof, so no water spills out & no dirt comes in.

 Easy Carry Handles: 2x carry handle options. The sturdy built-in handle, at the rear of the bottle, can bear heavier weight- great for larger sized bottles filled with water. On the go? use the carry strap, around the neck of the bottle, for your easy convenience.

 Lightweight, Travel Friendly: Many prefer PETG reusable plastic bottles over stainless steel, as they weigh much less, yet extremely sturdy. Easier to carry around with you, as you’re on the go, from one place to the next.

 Eco-Friendly & Health Conscious: Made from eco-friendly, reusable, & 100% food grade safe PETG plastic, this water bottle is BPA & toxin free. Odor free and healthy for your daily water drinking, so it won’t influence the water taste or impact your health.

 Wide Mouth: The wide mouth construction makes it super easy to add ice throughout the day and makes it even easier to clean.